Black Swan x Tron Legacy x Snoop Dogg x Dow Jones

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K, so I’ve been seeing alot of internet banter lately about some Black Swan stuff and LUCKILY while stumbling around the web I came across a video. A very interesting, epic-sounding, two-minute porn trailer is how I would best describe it. Well, I read some plot summaries (after watching the vid, of course) and the film sounds like it would be decent for the female demographic. Men, simply click here . I’d definitely have to say NSFW, more on the other side.

  • Tron Legacy came out last Thursday, and so far has garnered pretty mixed reviews. I’m still on the fence about going to see this one, but I have nothing else to do so good chance I do see it. Peep one of the endless trailers below and make up your mind.
  • Nice track from Cookin’ Soul and Chuuwee, with help from Mayer Hawthorne. Spotted on The Music Ninja. Cookin’ Soul x Chuuwee – Just Ain’t Gunna Work Out (ft. Mayer Hawthorne)
  • Sadly, Yao Ming has once again been setback by a season-ending injury. On Thursday, it was made official the Houston Rockets’ centre would be sidelined for the rest of the season and that this injury could force him to retire. offered their light-hearted take on Yao’s potential retirement, while Michael Wilbon over at ESPN took a more reflective perspective.
  • Snoop Dogg, up to his old tricks again, gives a stirring rendition of A Christmas Tale for some sponsorship change. What a beautiful world we would be living in if there was Snoop Dogg narrating options for everything. Imagine: English, French, and then Snoop Dogg. Seen on Rap-Up.
  • Came across this a few weeks ago and then completely lost track of where I had seen it. Back on track now, and definitely ordering this after the Christmas rush. Bottle opener ring, genius. No more opening bottles off people’s countertops (although not really concerning to me, their own fault for hosting a predrink without the right equipment). $8. ThinkGeek.

  • I came across Dow Jones not to long ago and I’ve liked everything I’ve heard from him since. Jones’ was the opening act on tours with Cam’Rom and Fabolous and has his own extensive mixtape catalogue to boot. His song “Tweeters” has a nice, crisp flow to it and thankfully has nothing to do with Twitter. Listen below.

Mr. Jones enjoying some herb.

Dow Jones – Tweeters


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