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Crunk Ain’t Dead. Not by a long shot Lil’ Jon

Due to the overwhelming popularity of last week’s Thrashing Thursday, it returns today in the form of a Thugstep post! Thugstep is essentially rap over grimy bass lines, Thugs + Dubstep = Thugstep. That’s the easiest math I’ve done in months. Without further adieu, here’s your weekly fix bassheads.

First track here is a Diplo remix of a Travis Barker song released from his solo debut album Give the Drummer Some. A star-studded rap line-up is featured in this song, with hooks from Swizz Beatz and verses from The Game, Lil’ Wayne & Rick Ross. There’s a whole lotta boom when the drop hits (1:02).

Travis Barker – Can A Drummer Get Some f/ Swizz Beatz, The Game, Lil’ Wayne & Rick Ross (Diplo Remix)

Amazing tune featuring verses from two-time BRIT Award winning rapper Tinnie Tempah and melody from the golden-voiced Ellie Goulding. This remix rips the original track apart and threads it back together with grimey string.

Tinie Tempah – Wonderman f/ Ellie Goulding (Bare Noize Remix)

Trap or Dub is a project taken on by producers and musicians The Kickdrums.  “I put together “Trap or Dub” one weekend last March. The whole concept was to make a Dubstep mix from a Hip Hop mixtape point of view. I paired the instrumentals with rappers Jeezy and Gucci because it had an overall dark grimey feel. I tried to make all the mixes make “sense.” Good call fellas, Jeezy and Gucci have some of the thugest flows in the game and the dark basslines provide a perfect background for their street hardened raps. To download the entire mix for free, click

I’m withholding one key song from this mixtape so if you dig what you hear, keep checking in on SpacePack and it’ll be posted.

The Kickdrums – Trap Or Dub (Jeezy X Caspa)

The Kickdrums – Round One (Gucci x Jeezy x Jakes)

Last track for this post comes from a group that’s bigger than hip hop. I always associate that sliding bass hook with Dave Chapelle’s entrance music in his show. Man, I wish that dude would keep making us laugh, where is he nowadays anyways?

WTF?! & Dead Prez – It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop UK

…..Alright one more because I like you guys so much. Back to tha gutter motha fuckas

King Fantastic – Bass Head (Bassnectar Remix)

One more thing, if you’re reading this post and you’d like to share some tunes you’ve been hoarding away, PLEASE DO SO! Look on the right side of the home page under SP Mail and submit whatever you have on your mind and in your ears. We love hearing from you,

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