Toned Down Tuesdays – Fleet Foxes

Posted on 04/12/2011 by


There is something enchanting about the Fleet Foxes, something timeless. Their refreshing style is romantic as well as bluesy, and displays influences from both classical and contemporary genres. This was the case for their first album, self titled “Fleet Foxes” which was a hit with both Critics and Fans alike. Finally after 2 years of waiting, the Fleet Foxes are coming out with their second album “Helplessness Blues”, which has been said to be an unpolished, less poppy departure from their first record. The drop date for the new disc is May 3rd. I’ve already had my self a listen and folk fans I do not think you’ll be disappointed, here are some new songs off the album:

P.S. The Fleet Foxes have recently added Toronto to their summer tour schedule!

Someone You’d Admire: Download:

Listen to the Robin Pecknold’s badass vocals!

The Shrine/An Argument: Download: