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So this week I thought I would bust out some Deadmau5 for all those fans out there that have only been listening to him since Ghosts n’ Stuff brought him into the lime light.

I started listening to him in 2008 with the release of Random Album Title, and you would probably hear it thumping down the hall ways of my university residence a few times a day. I been to two of his concerts, and I must say…you haven’t seen shit for an electro show until you’ve seen Deadmau5 on his Cube. I find many people have not heard most of his work so here is a few of his songs, all from different albums.

From ‘Get Scraped’

Deadmau5 – Satisfaction

From ‘Vexillology’


Deadmau5 – Lai

From ‘Full Circle’

Deadmau5 – Cyclic Redundancy

From ‘Random Album Title’

Deadmau5 – Some Kind of Blue

From ‘For Lack of a Better Name’

Deadmau5 – Bot

From ‘At Play Vol. 2’

Deadmau5 – Reduction

From ‘It Sounds Like’

Deadmau5 – Bye Friend


I’m gonna leave you on this gem. Personally, I think she does a good job over this Deadmau5 track, and she also has an amazing voice.

TRIVIA. CAN YOU NAME THE TRACK?! first to post it in the comments gets nothing.


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