Basically I started this blog cause I like things. We all like things. So putting two and two together I thought it would be neat if I could share things that I like to everyone else out there. Through this blog I also hope to find out what other people are grooving to. Sharing is caring of course folks. Feel free to contact me about sharing whatever cool tricks ya got or about anything at all.

Music will definitely set the pace on SpacePack with everything else sprinkled in as often as possible. I’m loyal to hip-hop, but over the last few years my perspectives have been greatly widened. What this means for you is a spattering of hip-hop, indie, rap, electronic, rock, r&b, dance, alternative, house and whatever’s clever.

As of right now this is a one-man circus, so be patient. I hope to get some of my less-lazy friends in here contributing as well. If you got crazy ideas that you want to kick around or are interested in contributing, don’t hesitate to link me.


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