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Joshua Hyslop – Cold Wind

June 20, 2011 by


Two chill tracks to start off the day from Abbotsford’s Joshua Hyslop. The indie folk artist is set to release a 6 track EP Cold Wind tomorrow. Joshua Hyslop – Nowhere Left To Go Joshua Hyslop – If I Was A Better Man Connect: Facebook | Twitter

Odds and Ends

May 22, 2011 by


Some leftovers from last week, just in case you missed them. ‘Dreams Money Can Buy’ is supposedly the first track off the upcoming album Take Care. Download Download Bon Iver was leaked last week by the friendly folks at iTunes. Look it up yourself, but take in this chill reinterpretation first. Download Nasty. Download Some […]

Bon Iver – Calgary

May 16, 2011 by


New track from Bon Iver. Minus their work on Kanye’s ‘Lost In The World’, the group’s been fairly quiet since For Emma, Forever Ago. This is the first single off the upcoming Bon Iver. Download

Toned Down Tuesdays: PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

May 3, 2011 by


PJ Harvey is a master of experimentation. A seeker of originality, Harvey’s sound is never duplicated from album to album. This is true for Let England Shake. Her music is the result of a  combination of influences like fellow english poet T.S. Eliot and musical groups the Doors and The Pogues – as well as […]

LAZY SUNDAYS – The Tallest Man On Earth

April 24, 2011 by


So The Tallest Man on Earth ever recorded was measured in at 8’11” (his name was Robert Pershing Wadlow for you fyi’s out there). My question to you, what the fuck do you know about Kristiann Matsson (pictured above)? Well listen up, Although the native of Dalarna, Spain Sweden (thank you reader for catching this […]

Toned Down Tuesdays – Horse Feathers

April 19, 2011 by


Well it is tuesday again and I am feeling as toned down as ever. Having just completed a tough streak of exams, I’m using this Tuesday to refuel my engines and find my lost chi. The band I have selected this Tuesday, Horse Feathers, has some of the most low key string folk i’ve ever […]

The Cave Singers – No Witch

April 18, 2011 by


The Cave Singers are back with a new album entitled “No Witch”. It seems to be an aggressive departure from  their other stuff. A few tracks have Tool-like deep guitar riffs, followed by “I Am the Walrus” sitars only to be constrasted by what sounds to be James Brown’s Church Choir. This album has a […]